Monocure3D Tuff: High-Tensile 3D Printer Resin


Monocure 3D TUFF™ resin is a unique blend of advanced urethanes specifically designed to produce a part that possesses high tensile strength.

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What is TUFF?

Monocure 3D TUFF™ resin is a unique blend of advanced urethanes specifically designed to produce a part that possesses high tensile strength. These mechanical properties provide a right balance of strength, flexibility and a hard surface finish. Use TUFF™ if you intend to 3D print robust engineering prototypes; it was designed to withstand high stress and strain. Once fully post-cured, TUFF™ can also be machined, painted or polished for further finishing (see below for more details).

This unique material to remains rigid and hard, yet withstand high tensile pressure. The strength improves with the increased thickness of the printed part. For more delicate, thinner models, it is recommended to add FLEX100™ to increase the flexibility if required.

You can download the lab tests on Tuff resin here: Monocure 3D Tuff

TUFF™ Printing Tips – How do I use this resin?

TUFF™ resin is very versatile and can be between 10 micron and 100 micron layer heights. 3D models should always be designed solid without any hollowing. Always print large flat areas on an angle to help with print deformation due to the adhesion to the FEP film. To help with unsupported areas, ensure you use well-positioned, solid supports. We recommend you add 1-2 seconds’ wait after print’ setting to allow the material to cool after curing before starting to lift the build plate. (Not all slicers have this setting, check with your software provider) This resin will print faster than our rapid model resin, please adjust your settings accordingly. Use a calibration model to dial in your printer with our resin.

Finishing – What’s the best practice?

For best results after printing, use ResinAway® for removing uncured resin from the part. Place part in a pre-wash bath filled with ResinAway® and use a soft brush to remove excess resin. Follow by placing the component into an ultrasonic cleaner with ResinAway® for 3-5mins to help remove the resin trapped in the finer detail.

Ensure parts are dry by using compressed air or patting gently with a lint-free cloth before post-curing – Warning: leaving excess IPA or ResinAway® on parts might result in surface cracking.

TUFF™ requires post-curing to reach its optimal mechanical properties. We recommend using a 405nm LED Ultraviolet light to post-cure the model. It is recommended to post-cure for at least 30 mins to improve the tensile strength of the resin, but up to 2 hours will further enhance the mechanical properties. These properties will also increase over a few days.

When exposing a part to external elements, apply paint to the surface to improve longevity. Alternatively, the components can be machined, sanded and polished to create a tough scratch resistant surface.

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