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CatTube Famous is a card game where you release cat videos and become the next CatTube celebrity! See the trends, release videos, get viewers, be famous!

CatTube Famous is a card game where you aim to seize global trends and release cat videos that’ll get you a massive following on CatTube. Will audiences laugh at a fat cat hanging off the curtains this month, or will it be a cat thinking “they’re people too” as they climb up on the dinner table? Read the trends, time your video releases right, and you too could be CatTube Famous!

How to become CatTube Famous:
Play Video Cards that appeal to the Trends each round. The winner of each round collects the Trend cards.

The game ends once all the Trend cards have been collected, the player with the most Trend cards is the winner and now certified CatTube Famous!

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