*** CLEARANCE *** Anycubic Wash and Cure Station


Dual purpose design which supports resin 3D printing models washing and curing in one machine.

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Note that this machine is not a 3D printer

If you’ve ever made a resin print, you will know the struggle. Washing it in a tub of IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol), then either putting it out in the sun or, if you don’t have sun, having to make a DIY curing station that looks like a paint can with a lightbulb on it, is pretty much the norm.

With the Anycubic wash/cure station, all of your post-processing stress is eliminated. You can get fantastic prints, cured to perfection every time.

The Anycubic Wash and Cure station is a dual purpose design which supports 3D printing models washing and curing in one machine!

Effective Curing Mode

Built-in 356nm(8pcs) and 405nm(8pcs) UV light set to produce the uniform light intensity, the UV-LED array stage has been kept 360 degree rotating during exposure, enables all angles of your print to be cured and exposed perfectly.

Versatile Washing Mode

The models can be put in the bracket to wash, or if you have a Anycubic resin printer you can mount the photon series build plate on directly. The height of the suspension bracket can be adjusted to suit the liquid level in the bucket, to allow every model to be fully cleaned.

Smart Touch Screen

Easy to operate responsive and sensitive touch buttons.

UV LampĀ Safety

The UV light will be immediately shut off if top cover has been removed and the top cover blocks 99.95% of UV light to protect your eyes.

Ideal for 3D Resin Prints

By delivering high-quality results and compatible with most of the SLA and DLP printers on the market, the ANYCUBIC Wash and Cure Station gives you an ideal assistant for your 3D resin prints.

Anycubic New Release Wash&Curing Machine

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